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After a series of crackdown on sites hosting illegal contents it was time for the famous music download website ‘’.

On 27th January 2012, Phonographic Performance Ltd, The Indian Music Industry and Sagarika Music Pvt Ltd had approached the Kolkata High Court seeking a restraint on the activities of this website.

Acting on the complaint Kolkata High Court asked the ISPs to block access to the website by  DNS name blocking, IP address blocking via routers and DPI based URL blocking.

It directed the following ISPs to comply with the order immediately:

  • Sify Technologies Ltd
  • Dishnet Wireless Ltd
  • Wipro Ltd
  • Hathway Cable & Datacom Pvt Ltd
  • Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd
  • Hughes Communications Ltd India
  • Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd
  • Reliance Wimax Ltd
  • Bharti Airtel Ltd
  • Vodafone India Ltd
  • BG Broadband India Pvt Ltd

This move comes at a time when the world is experiencing some major changes to curb the misuse of free Internet. After the SOPA and PIPA in USA, the file hosting giant MegaUpload was taken down the US state authorities. And the owners of the website are facing serious criminal charges and deportion in New Zealand.

This judgement probably will invite more petitions on similar websites hosting illegal copyrighted content. According to the US India Business Council/Ernst & Young 2008 report on “The Effects of Counterfeiting and Piracy on India’s Entertainment Industry,” the Indian film industry lost US $959 million and 571,896 jobs due to piracy!!! This is a small step towards stoppting piracy.

It would be interesting to see how the future actions steps up. Given the current scenario blocking and blacklisting websites is not a good option anymore. Anyone with proper knowledge can access the restricted sites. An international effort by all nations should be there to address the root cause: Jurisdiction.

Other than these copyright owners must weigh the values before setting the price. A movie or a music today comes at a good cost and piracy provides just the same thing at a near zero value. Values and prices of softwares and copyrighted items should be set as per the economic need of the society. Current technological limitations favour the pirates, so its time to use some social engineering.


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