Smartphone and Safety

Smart Phone Security

Smart Phones are the hot cakes in todays generation. Newer technologies evolve everyday and has now brought the whole world in our pocket. As a result of the evolution of smart phone, security for smart phones today are an important issue everyday. Many protocols have been designed to enable secure communication and one such set of protocol is Near Field Communication or NFC.

What is NFC ?

Near Field Communication or NFC is a set of protocols or standards needed to communicate between two devices by either touching or bringing the device in close proximity (less than 4 cms).
The communication standards of such devices is based on the RFID standard that also does include ISO 14443.These standards are defined and extended by NFC forum in 2002,by some major companies like Nokia,Samsung and Sony etc.
The operating frequency of such devices is merely 13.56 Mhz(+/-7) which is very low,which helps to integrate into portable devices without much need of battery power.


This layer is mainly focussed on the exchange between two NFC devices or NFC Tags.

NFC uses,NDEF or NFC Data Exchange Format,a format which was defined by the NFC forum,is used to transmit data.This is a simple BINARY MESSAGE format.There are many type of text message binary format which includes text,url etc.


The above fig. shows you the various libraries used by the Android Stack.

NFC stack can be divided into three parts-

1- Kernel.

2- NFC services.

3- NFC tags or device itself.


NFC Aware Malware –

Android is one of the rapidly growing mobile operating systems and the so called “Marketplace”,is full of Malwares which will run at the background of some legitimate looking application while it sends your important details to someone else with your acknowledgement of course !

The NFC Malware-affects your android,this kind of Malware can proxy through the request through themselves before the correct application can get activate. One such example is proxy-ing any URL which are stored in an NFC tags, when parsed, fires up the malware instead of the Browser.

None of the smart-phones are safe enough ! Infact the Android phones,the so called secured ones are the most to be affected by the Malwares than any other smart phone operating system due to the wide range of use-they are like the Windows of Mobile Phones.
Be sure of what applications you use & be safe !

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