Protect your Profile from being used in Facebook Advertisements

Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

There has been some rumors that Facebook will share the Profile name and Images for Advertising with third parties without the consent of the profile owner.

But this is not true. Facebook in its blog post sometime back had addressed this issue. Facebook’s Privacy policy states that it can share your details for advertisements. But the good point is that these data will be only shared and displayed to those who has access to view the photo of the concerned profile. So the issue of privacy breach can be ruled out. Moreover the third party wont be allowed to use the information provided by Facebook for any other purpose.

Currently Facebook is not sharing personal information like photo and name with third party for advertisements. But can do so in future.

If you are still apprehensive about your photo or data being used in Facebook ads, you can withdraw your consent over this usage. To protect your image and profile from being used in Facebook Advertisements you need to do the following:

  • Go to Account Settings
  • From the left hand side menu select Facebook Adverts
  • Click on Edit third party advert settings
Facebook Adverts Settings

Facebook Adverts Settings

On this page you will get the option to share your information for advertisements to be displayed in:
  1. your friends page
  2. no one

You should select no one if you dont want your information from being used.

Facebook Social Adverts:

Facebook Social Adverts displays your actions along with ads in your friends facebook page. This means that only confirmed friends can see your actions along with some adverts. But Facebook doesnt share any information with the third party for these ads.

You can also disable this feature if you are worried about your privacy. You can do this by:

  • Go to Account Settings
  • From the left hand side menu select Facebook Adverts
  • Click on Edit social adverts settings
Facebook Social Adverts Settings

Facebook Social Adverts Settings

 You can select to pair your actions along with adverts for
  1. Only my friends
  2. No one

Select no one if you do not want your activities and adverts being pared and shared.

There are rumors always which critisises facebook’s policies but it must be noted that Facebook provides a lot of options through which users can select their own privacy. For any issue keep the following key points in mind:

  • Before posting or sharing make sure of the permissions: Public or Friends.
  • There are also a lot of options like you can now share your posts with only a group of friends, you can even select individual friends from Custom option.
  • Visit Account Settings and Privacy Settings  to make sure your settings are just the way you want.

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