Protect yourself from Ramnit Facebook Virus

Ramnit is a known lethal virus for Facebook. It has stolen over 45000 account details including their passwords. The virus is actually developed from

How to sell Information Security?

The other day I was talking to some of the people currently working in the field of Information Security. All of them agreed at

What is SOPA and PIPA?

  There are two bills: Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA Protect Intellectual Property Act or PIPA These two bills are in the House

Megaupload: File Sharing site taken down

One of the largest file sharing website, Megaupload has been shut down by US officials for violating piracy laws. United States Department of Justice

Data breach resulted in Norton source code leak

Symantec has downplayed the significance of the breach of their system which took place in 2006. It had resulted in the source code leak

Configure Proxy for Linux Console and apt

At times you will notice your terminal is not able to access the Internet as you are behind a proxy. This article will help

Intrusion Detection Tools for Linux

Today security is one of the most important concern for any organization. Some large organizations even have dedicated security team to protect them from

Internet Crime

Internet crime is crime committed on the Internet, using the Internet and by means of the Internet. Computer crime is a general term that

Aakash II on its way

Amid complaints with regard to the quality of the low-cost ‘Aakash’ tablet PC, the government said it is hopeful of bringing out an upgraded

Google says its practically impossible to block objectionable content

Google India replied to Delhi High Court that India being a democratic country should not block websites like Google. Google in its reply said

Cyber Security with ISO 27001

    Cyber Security is a word which we are all aware of but it has no single definition. But all these definitions have