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Microsoft to discontinue Windows XP support: Banks affected

Microsoft has finally decided to end support for Windows XP from April 8, 2014. Windows XP was supported by Microsoft for last 12 years.

Smartphone and Safety

Smart Phones are the hot cakes in todays generation. Newer technologies evolve everyday and has now brought the whole world in our pocket. As

Aaron Swartz: To go out innocent

The news worldwide has been abuzz lately with the sudden and unexpected death by suicide of Internet grand stander Aaron Swartz of Reddit fame.

SMS turns 20 years today

“Hapi Bday, SMS!! 🙂 “ SMS or Short Messaging Service is a common word today. Today they are more common than phone calls, more

Protect your Profile from being used in Facebook Advertisements

There has been some rumors that Facebook will share the Profile name and Images for Advertising with third parties without the consent of the

Reserve Bank of India Website Attacked

Reserve Bank of India’s website came under attack on Thursday. The attack resulted in the website being unavailable throughout the day. RBI officials claimed

Google Chrome Finally Hacked

Finally it was Google Chromes turn to face the heat of hacking. Sergey Glazunov and Vupen Security independently managed to penetrate the security of blocked in India

After a series of crackdown on sites hosting illegal contents it was time for the famous music download website ‘’. On 27th January 2012,

Information Security for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is finally here. It is a golden day for cyber criminals who succeed in playing with emotions of thousands and people. So

Why we need Cyber Security?

Technology has changed the life around us today, socially and professionally. Practically every business today needs IT. Everyone today ends up using an IT

2011: Information Security lessons learnt

2011 was an eventful year from Information Security prospective. Some security threats and vulnerabilities have taught us a lot. A lot of new targets

Protect yourself from Ramnit Facebook Virus

Ramnit is a known lethal virus for Facebook. It has stolen over 45000 account details including their passwords. The virus is actually developed from